Real-time School Transport Information

School Bus Tracker is a mobile application that connects parents with their child school transport system, enabling them to locate their child and school bus at any given moment during their school bus route.

Tracking a School Bus is a matter of caring for child safety whilst on their daily journeys to and from school, as well as on School excursions and trips. For safety and security conscious parents and schools, our solution is the answer that provides both comfort and peace of mind.

Industry leading software uniquely engineered by Elitech Uk - designed and developed with hands on assistance and input from a leading public school, to help meet present transport(security/safety) and communications challenges of both schools and Parents.



Real time location of school buses. Access information through a user-friendly interface on your smartphone or Tablet.


Keep Parents directly informed and notified easily of delays, whilst allowing school’s to manage and control emergency situations efficiently. Allows a driver to privately notify School administrator of Emergency events directly through customised push notifications.


With School Bustracker, the school can send messages and push notifications directly to the parent app. This helps the school notify parents or guardians of potential delays en route or other relevant information.

Route changes/absence

With School Bustracker, parents can request a change of route or hour of transport service for their child. They can do this simply through their mobile app, knowing this will immediately alert the school administrator.


All child / parent contact data is only securely stored and managed within the CMS by the School administrator/s – the Parent and Driver versions of the APPs do not contain any child data and therefore cannot be accessed or misused by unauthorised persons. Privacy of data is of paramount importance.

Similarly the driver APP only contains the drivers information relative to the actual individual route and bus he/she is allocated or assigned to. With unique user passwords only issued by the School administrator.

CMS Central management administration duties are limited only to certain trained, approved user pass worded individuals to ensure data is protected at all times.

How it works

A complete and real-time connection between the bus, the school and the guardians/parents to have the location of the buses and kids up-to-date.

Customised & personalised geolocation software with multiple automated features.

Complete backoffice software provides full management capabilities easily customizable.

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