Driver App

  • Easy installation, log in and access to route lists 

  • Fully automated system with no need for driver interaction 

  • Automatic student drop-off at school in morning routes 

  • iOS and Android compatible

Route list

Easy access to route lists. We also have a feature that shows AM routes in the morning and PM routes in the afternoon to avoid driver confusion.

Passenger List

Facilitates access to the route passenger list so that you can see which students will be on the route without having to start the route.

Starting a route was never that easy!

Step 1

Select the route

Step 2

Select the bus

Step 3

The route starts automatically

ACAR (Any Child Any Route) feature

This feature allows any school student imported via your MIS who does not have a prior booking to be added to a route.

Search for the student

Add the student manually or allow automatic boarding 

QR Scanner and NFC cards

Drivers can use our integrated QR scanner or your current NFC student cards.

Emergency button

Our app has an emergency button in case of an emergency. This button sends an email stating that an emergency has occurred and the coordinates of the coach location.

Route Information

Drivers can view route information at any time once the route has started.

Instant email alert with routes not started

Our new notification system sends an email to your admin users (designated email address) when there are 10 minutes left before the estimated time of the first stop on each route and the route has not yet been initiated by your driver. This allows you to quickly get in touch with these drivers and prevent them from not initiating their routes. This reduces parent complaints ( not receiving bus alerts and not being able to view the bus tracking).