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Elitech Lab specialises in school transport software solutions. A few years ago, the company launched their award-winning home to school transport software SchoolBusTracker®. Since the huge success of this product, the company has developed further solutions with help and input from some of their leading school clients.
“We have been using SchoolBusTracker for more than 4 years and it has delivered significant safeguarding benefits as well as simplifying the management of home to school transport. This has included providing pupils and parents with an easy to use secure app which provides both booking and live tracking facilities.  We have worked with Elitech Lab to help them create SchoolSportsTracker with the aim of building a solution that covers the needs of schools when managing transport for away sports fixtures and co-curricular events.”
– Alan Gillman (Facilities Manager) Berkhamsted
Live tracking of coaches and students during away sports fixtures and co-curricular trips. Fully integrated with Socs. 
SchoolSportsTracker allows the school to instantly check where each school coach is and who is currently on the bus or absent. Parents can also track the coach and know if their children actually got on the coach and if they arrived safely.  Our system is the only fully integrated transport software with Socs.  Your sports teams, co-curricular groups and trips schedule,automatically loads onto our teacher tracking app from your Socs panel. Teachers can easily access their teams and groups, take attendance registers on their smartphone and log students on and off the coach. If there are any delays with the bus journey because of traffic issues, or bus breakdown, instant information is available to you through our admin panel and transport app. Parents who arrive at the school to greet the bus on its return, will no longer have to wait if there is a delay as they will also receive proximity alerts. Teachers and school admin staff can easily check historical records of who was on each individual coach on any given day past, present and future.
The most cost effective and reliable way to manage your home to school transport.
School admin staff and transport managers need effective, modernised and digitalised transport systems that helps reduce workload, parent complaints and queries, as well as helping bring in additional income and lower transport costs. The answer is SchoolBusTracker® our specialised home to school transport software. It records when each pupil or student has boarded and disembarked the coach.  It also alerts parents on when their coach is nearby (alert zone) and when their child arrives safely at school or at home. Parents can request automatic route changes, route cancellations and book term, yearly or ad-hoc trips from the parent app. Optionally they can also pay for their children’s school journeys.  The parent app is fully personalised with your school name and crest. Bookings are instant and schools receive payments immediately. SchoolBusTracker® provides an all-in-one transport software suite. 

We continue to grow our school transport software, having recently launched our two new products SchoolSportsTracker (fully integrated with Socs) and SchoolRunTracker (car sharing app for parents to reduce emissions around the school premises). We are official Socs associates and are the only school transport software fully integrated with  Socs,  to help schools  manage transport for sports fixtures and co-curricular trips with ease of set-up and dual integration through our API. 


Within the last two years, we have been working on our latest transport software together with our partners GoZooma. These transport software solutions offer corporates and schools a unique way of sending their booking requests directly to our portal, so we can provide them with the most cost efficient service fully integrated with the latest transport technology. We also provide our partner coach operators with a fully serviced platform to help them manage their clients from one single place. 

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