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Coach Live Tracking and Student Registration

  • Real-time tracking of coaches and students through our fleet map, transport manager app and parent app  
  • Students are registered on and off the coach using QR Codes, NFC cards or manually by chaperones, parents are informed immediately providing additional safeguarding 
  • Proximity alerts for parents 
  • Bus delays flagged up on the parent app 

Parent Booking App and Online Portal Main Features

  • Fully customised booking system for each school with their own crest, uniquely adapted to your transport ticketing set-up and pricing structure 
  • Parents can book and pay for one way, return and ad-hoc journeys, they can also book on late routes 
  • Student app so they can track their coach, use a virtual pass and also book themselves onto a coach
  • Change routes instantly
  • Cancel bookings instantly
  • Pay for bookings with their credit or debit cards instantly
  • Capacity algorithm detects seat availability 
  • Online booking portal for newcomers, fully integrated and personalised onto your school existing website 

Driver App

  • Easy installation, log in and access to route lists 
  • Fully automated system with no need for driver interaction 
  • Automatic student drop-off at school in morning routes 
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Route information 
  • Emergency button 
  • Notifications

Admin Panel Main Features

  • Fleet tracking
  • Student tracking during live routes
  • Historical and future passenger lists 
  • Push notifications dashboard 
  • Manage routes, stops, buses, drivers 
  • Student route calendar 
  • Booking software with full flexibility to book complex travel arrangements 
  • Detailed reports for billing, bookings and route analysis 


 + much more!

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